Monday, 28 May 2012

Badab War Part 2 - Campaign Weekend

Hi guys,

Here are some snaps from the weekend. Sadly I had problems with my camera and failed to take any photos except for on the last game. Sorry  :O(

A shot of my Badab War Hero 'Mr Tickle". By the end of the tournament he had acquired re-roll failed morale and pinning tests, feel no pain, preferred enemy and eternal warrior. All of this on top of being initiative 6 with a Slaanesh Daemon weapon which inflicts instant death he was a force to be reckoned with. And once placed with my unit of Tzeentch possessed marines they stormed all over the board all weekend taking no prisoners.

My 2500 point army list. Un-finished painted models galore to my shame.

My Tzeentch terminator unit and objective markers.

My predators with the very, very effective havoc launchers.

My armies bullet magnet.

Greater Daemon grenade unit one.

Greater Daemon grenade unit two.

Game five on day two, table 3. The last game of the weekend was a doubles game and I teamed up with a fellow chaos space marine player. It was a fun game and in the end we destroyed our enemy, even taking all of one of the opponents toys off the table  :O)   Our opponents were Salamanders and Blood Angels but even they could not stand against the full force of our fully operation Chaos death star! Even the mighty Bray'arth Ashmantle of the Salamanders could not withstand the shear awesomeness that is Chaos.....or perhaps it was just the decimating force of my Nurgle Contemptor Dreadnought? Skaaaadoooosh!!! Strength 10 hits to the face!  BOOM!!!

No win this time.......but I will return, mark my words, I will return.......that coveted trophy will be mine PHIL!!!!!!   :O) 

At the end of game five it was four wins and a loss so not too shabby for my first tournament.

All in all an AMAZING weekend. Sometimes I forget how spoiled I am to live in Nottingham and have Warhammer World on my doorstep. The venue as always was excellent, every game was enjoyable, all my opponents were a pleasure to play against, there were many beautiful armies to look upon and the food was exceptional!! I won no trophies this year and truth be told I did not deserve any, this time at least as a quarter of my army was not even fully painted and like a spoon I forgot to place a quarter of my army (the best painted in my opinion) into the cabinet for judging. I've learnt a heap from the weekend and would strongly recommend that everyone if they are able attend similar events.
Thanks for reading guys and as usual, more to come.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The panic is on! Getting ready for the Badab War Part 2 tournament this weekend.

So, the Badab War part 2 tournament is rapidly approaching. It's only five days away and I have loads to finish  :O(   I haven't even started on my landraider which usually take me two weeks to complete with free hand, hmmmm it's not looking too good for the old Serpend Guard at this rate.

Here are some snap shots of two bases I've created for a terminator champion and a greater daemon.

Lots more to come,


Monday, 14 May 2012

Badab War Contemptor Dreadnought nearly complete

Hi guys,

Here's a photo of the nearly completed Contemptor dreadnought ready for the Badab War tournament at the end of the month:

More to come,


Grey Knight update - Dreadnought with assault cannon

Hi guys,

Here's the latest piece of work I've completed for the Grey Knights army:

 Custom built assault cannon

I'm really enjoying experimenting with OSL.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

"I will KILL YOU"........squish! Oh :O(

Thursday nights apocolypse game at Warhammer World was.......interesting.....epic...and we lost for obvious reasons  lol

My Demon prince sets his sight upon his prey 

More to come,