Friday, 28 March 2014

Serpent Guard Chaos Space Marine Army Showcase and now for sale!

Howdy all,

Here is a showcase of my entire Serpent Guard Space Marine army which will be going up for sale on eBay on the 27th March 2014. The auctions will last for ten days and will hopefully go towards paying for my next army.

First up is my Abaddon conversion which I use as either Abaddon himself, a terminator lord or Sorcerer with his trusty familiar:

The following is the part 1 video from my YouTube channel where I document his progress from start to finish. There are four four videos in total. Please go watch the videos and drop a comment if you enjoy them?

 Next is the first Demon Prince in the army which has been converted from the Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets:

Here is the second Demon Prince in the army, the first of two with wings and a custom built weapon:

Again there is a video to accompany this miniature if you would like to watch it and comment?:

Here is the third and final Demon Prince in the army armed with the most wonderful of all weapons, the devastatingly powerful 'Black Mace'.

 And a video in all his 360 degree glory:

 Next up is the pride of the Serpent Guard army, the Khorne Lord mounted upon his fearsome Juggernaut:

 And of course there is a video of this most intimidating character:

Next are the most amazing Contemptor dreadnoughts. Giving these guys a mark of Chaos can make them exceptionally difficult to deal with. The mark of Nurgle is my particular favorite.

The following is the first of three in the army armed with dual close combat arms, each loaded with a heavy flamer:

The second is armed the same as the first and posed in the mirror opposite to the first:

The third and final contemptor is armed with a Butcher cannon and close combat arm with heavy flamer:

 Here is the video of all three:

Next in the army is the heavily converted Chaos Terminator Unit. After being inspired by the winning golden demon entry by Todd Swanson of Lord Festus I had a go at creating my own version. This led to another and another and finally a unit of nine was completed, usually being lef by Abaddon to round the unit up to ten.

Here is a video of the first five converted in the unit:

Next in the army are the awesomely powerful Tzeentch Possessed squad. With the new rules found in the latest codex these guys got a massive bump in my opinion. Rolling on the random table each turn could sound disasterous but with all the outcomes being brilliant I never leave home without them. Giving them the mark of Tzeentch makes them a very survivable unit too and with the coming release of 'Crimson Slaughter' suppliment codex which allows Possessed to be troops with an amazing 3++ saving throw these guys just get better and better,

And here is a video of the entire squad:

Next up are the all important troops. The army has two units, one is armed with close combat weapons and the other is armed with bolters and melta guns.

And of course who could forget about the all important troop transport for your infantry, the Rhino! There are four in total in the army, the dual serpent variant I like to transport the all powerful Possessed in and charge it deep in to the enemy lines ready to deploy its potent contents.

The remaining rhinos are all fitted with the 'never leave home without them' havoc launchers. This mostly overlooked weapon upgrade often puts more hurt on the enemy than some other more powerful weapons in the army.

Usually accompanying the Khorne Lord on the Juggernaut will be his trusty Khorne Bikers who zoom across the battlefield dealing massive amounts of damage at close range and delivering their all important cargo enabling the Khorne Lord to do what he does best.

Here is a video of the biker unit:

Next up is the first of the Chaos Space Marine staple, the almighty Heldrake with Baleflamer:

Here the second Heldrake conversion armed with the devastating Hades autocannon:

The last flyer in the army is the trusty 'Hell Blade Chaos Fighter' with its twin linked autocannon it's great for popping open lighter tanks ready for the balerflamer Heldrake to burn away the unfortunate units which come out:

Next we look at the heavy support. First up is one of my favorite units, the Forgefiend: 

Here is the landraider that I like to use to deliver the Possessed when joined with Adaddon or a terminator sorcerer with biomancy:

Sitting on the back line of the Serpent Guard army you can usually find a Predator tank......or three, which unleash their devastating weaponry in unison, usually resulting in a smouldering crater where the enemy unit once was.

The following are what I use as objective markers. Inside these cryo tubes are parts of obliterators being grown for war. 

The 'never leave home without it' Aegis Defence Line is a personal favorite of mine. Armed with either a icarus lascannon or quad gun this unit really has saved more games by defending the back line from those pesky flyers and skimmers.

Here is the only obliterator in the Serpent Guard army which is used for deep striking onto the back line of the enemies deployment, hopefully taking out some of those heavy supports or hidden troops.

Here is the Havoc squad armed with autocannons. These guys can really put the hurt on most light armour and infantry, softening them up for the rest of the army to deal with:

For those larger games such as apocalypse or for when you just have to field a 'Lord of War' with the Escalation rules set, I love to field the 'Great Brass Scorpion'.

And that's the entirety of the Serpent Guard Chaos Space Marine army. It's been over four years in the crafting and I've enjoyed countless games with it at tournaments and friendly games alike.

Sadly the time has come to say good bye to the army to make room for the next. If you are interested in purchasing any of the models you have just seen can find links to all of the auctions below the photos. 

Happy hobbying,