Friday, 24 August 2012

Tau inspiration found

It looks like I've found the inspiration for my new Tau army. I saw this piece of black library artwork and I instantly knew this is how I want my Tau to feel. As usual the army will be corroded and battle scarred. The bases will have a swamp world theme so lots of moss and water.

I can't wait!!!

More to come,


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tau Hammerhead conversion update - 23/08/2012

Hi guys,

I did a little more work on the Tau Hammerhead last night. The basic shape is coming together nicely. I ran out of syrene sheet though so I won't be laying the foundations for the hull anytime soon.

Let me know what you think?

More to come,


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Yup, another project for me. It's Tau time!

Hi guys,

With the Grey Knights sold I've began to look at which miniatures I have in my bitz box to determine which army I will work on next.  To my surprise and delight it looks like Tau will be my next big project.

I say surprise as I did not fully appreciate how much Tau I actually own. In my collection I have three hammerhead / devilfish's, three piranhas, twelve Vespid and a heap of left over Forgeworld battlesuit bitz. This is a good start for a project indeed, all are really heavily coated with paint so they have been soaked thoroughly in Fairy power spray over night and given a vigorous brushing with an old toothebrush. 

I love, LOVE the Tau miniature range. All those flat surfaces are begging for some freehand and what do I have to say about the Forgeworld battlesuits except they are probably my favorite miniatures of all time to date. This Tau army project is going to hit me hard in the wallet I can forsee already  :O)

So to the first stage of my Tau army I'm taking a look at the humble Hammerhead tank.

After reading an online blog the other day I spotted this little gem of fan art. I love how the hammerhead tank is illustrated here. The shortened hull and smooth features are amazing and I want to use this as a basis for my first conversion. Also note the amazing effect used to illustrate the stealth team cloak field. I sense an idea forming for this too  :O)

Here is a post stripping hammerhead tank

I assemble my tools to begin the butchering process MWAH HA HA HA HA!

I eye up my prey!

SCADOOOSH!!!!  A mighty cut is made.

Oh the no feature safe?  :O)

 I'll pick this up again tonight.

More to come,


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Baneblade update

Hi guys,

So the Grey Knights all sold! Yay!  All but one of the packages have been dispatched and are on their way to their new homes. I hope the new owners will enjoy having them in their collections as I did painting them  :O)

As a light project between painting armies I decided to try and finish off the Baneblade that I half painted for the 'Siege of Magnus Hive' game a few weeks ago.  Here are some snaps that I took this morning before leaving for work:

Tonight I'll apply a little more weathering, some OSL then I'm done.  I placed an order for a shiny new 12" rotary table the other night so expect to see a spinie spin spin video on my YouTube channel in the next week followed by an eBay auction soon after  :O)

More to come,


Monday, 20 August 2012

Warmarch is over with some success.

Hi Guys,

So Warmarch is over, I had a fantastic weekend, I played some great games and met some cool people.

I managed to win three painting awards, one for my Skypad, one for my Daemon Prince and one for my Greater Brass Scorpion.

Here are shots of two of the winning miniatures:

Here is my controversial Skypad which I placed my Predator tanks upon to give them a 4 up invulnerable save, which worked amazingly!   I intend on converting this soon to be more Chaos....ey and to have a ramp to stop all the wingers complaining hee hee

And of course here is my Greater Brass Scorpion and the base it was mounted upon.

More to come,


Friday, 17 August 2012


Paint, paint, paint, paint!!!!!  

That is all......I have much work to do!

More to come,


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Greater Brass Scorpion progress 15/08/2012

Hi guys,

I was burning the midnight oil last night and managed to get the freehand down on the two claws. They're still a little messy and need the pencil lines removing and some of the edges are a bit tatty but I'm quite happy with the progress.

I'm considering painting flames coming out of the mouth of each of the sepents to represent the 'Hellmaw' cannons in the claws. I would then like to paint in some OSL to represent the fire glowing in the claws  :O)

This is my favorite of the two serpents that I painted last night. I'm still happy with the final result though.

And finally a shot from the front and the view my opponent will see. Hopefully they won't want to shoot something that I've spent so long painting hee hee

More to come,


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Warmarch is approaching.....and I am NOT prepared!

Hi all,

Here is a quick update on my preparation (or lack of) for this weekends Warmarch event at Warhammer World.

After being torn as to which super heavy to take I finally decided to go with the Great Brass Scorpion.

The problem I now have is that I need to paint this beast up before Saturday morning. I decided that I wanted to add some freehand to all of theose plain panels and after a snooze on Sunday I picked up my paint brush and started to sketch out the Serpent details:

This is what I managed to complete on Sunday. I'm quite happy with the results except I now need to add detail to the clawa at least otherwise it will look weird!

Once the claws have been detailed I'll add the final highlights then the fun bit begins, WEATHERING!!!

More to come,


Friday, 10 August 2012

Grey Knights up on eBay

Hi guys,

That's right the Grey Knights are up for sale on eBay as of last night. The auctions will end on Sunday 19th August around 7pm GMT.

If you are interested in bidding on any of these miniatures I have posted links to the auctions below:

Happy bidding,