Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dark Angel commission finished...finally

I finally managed to pull my finger out over the weekend and finish off the Dark Angel terminator squad commission (see below):
 (The finished terminator squad)
 (Terminator standard bearer with hand painted banner)
(A close up of the hand painted banner)

For the next couple of weeks I will move back to working on my 'Serpent Guard' army. Expect to see lots more photos soon.

More to come,


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Commission update

Here are some recent photos of a commission I'm working on. A few more highlights and I should be done here, just the freehand on the banner bearer and the cloak of the champion and I'll be posting them off to the client (I hope they'll enjoy them?) :

More to come,


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Serpent Guard presentation board

I've been dabbling with the idea of creating a presentation board for my Serpent Guard ready for when I finally get myself to some tournaments.

Here are a few snap shots of parts I want to incorporate into my board.

I thought it might be cool if these cryo tubes were used as a power source to feed the warp gate on my terrain board, draining the life essence out of the Serpent Guards victims. I'll then pipe up all the tubes and feed them into the gate.

I cut the foam for the board last night after laying out my 1500 point tournament army and hopefully I'll post some pics tomorrow?

More to come,


Monday, 21 February 2011

First casting done!

I managed to find time over the weekend to produce my first resin casting of one of my obliterators. What do you think?

I'm not completely satisfied with the end result. I need to refine my pouring process to eradicate the air bubbles forming in the casting. It's not a complete waste though as I will repair it with filler and green stuff ready for painting.

Hopefully I'll manage to manufacture molds of the remaining two obliterator sculpts soon?

More to come,


New amazing miniature...drool drool

Hi all, I spoilt myself this week and purchased this fabulous resin cast mini to represent 'Throgg the Troll King' for my Warriors of Chaos army. What do you think?

The level of detail in this miniature is simply outstanding and even puts Forgeworld to shame!

I can't wait to get paint on this guy. Next I'll have to buy myself some of the new plastic river trolls from G.W as this guy allows me to use them as troops.

More to come,


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Commission W.I.P photos

I apologize to all for not posting recently and failing to me meet my target of a post a day  :O(   I've been really busy with eBay auctions, commission work and a side line I'll talk about at another time  :O)

Here is a photo of one of the completed Dark Angel terminators I'm completing for a commission job:

Other projects I've been working on include my personal army the 'Serpent Guard'. I've nearly finished my first champion and obliterator (see below):

More to come including resin casting of my own sculpts, presentation boards and custom terrain  :O)


Friday, 11 February 2011

Website in the pipeline?

Howdy all, just to let the few of you who do actually follow me here, I have just registered a domain name for a website dedicated to everything Rumplemaster.  I will of course let you know once I have designed the website and have it uploaded but for the meantime I will be using this site as my homepage.

More to come,


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Popping my commission cherry

This morning I received in the post my first commission based project following a request via eBay as a result of my latest batch of auctions.

Here is the unit in its current state:
As you have probably guessed this is going to be painted as as a Dark Angel terminator squad.

Hopefully I'll be able to begin work on these miniatures later tonight?

More to come,