Friday, 13 November 2009

Okay, another update.

Here is the photo of the assembled terminator assault squad.
As with the previous squad I've tried to remove all the mould lines from the plastics and pose in dynamic stances. Slate and modelling sand were then applied to the bases.

If anyone has suggestions of Blood Angel names for both the squad and individual members please leave a comment?

More to come,


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Uh oh! No one tell the GF!

How could I resist?

After assembling the Space Marine Terminator squad I couldn’t help myself and powered up the laptop and got myself onto the Maelstrom Games website and placed an order for a boxed set of Space Marine Assault Terminators, which arrived this morning :o)

I just need to hide them from the girl friend as I'm supposed to be saving for a new bathroom lol.

More pics to come.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Blood Angel squad progress update

Okay, quick update.

Here I have photos of the assembled terminator squad. I've tried to remove all the mould lines from the plastics and pose in dynamic stances. I removed the flash from the librarian and chaplain but resisted converting the mini this time around, maybe next time my sweets!

Welsh slate was glued to the bases to try and add an extra aspect to the posing and modelling sand was applied.

Next I would like to begin naming the squad and the individual minis. After a brief stint browsing the Internet I settled with the following names: -

Squad = Lazurus

Chaplain = Argastes

Librarian = Furion


Brother Leonatos (Sergeant with power weapon and storm bolter)
Brother Menelus (Heavy flamer and power fist)
Brother Mabuse (Storm bolter and power fist)
Brother Vesalius (Storm bolter and power fist)
Brother Raphael (Storm bolter and power fist)

If anyone has a suggestion of better names please leave a comment?

More to come,


Monday, 9 November 2009

I never want to see another gaunt...AGAIN!

So what have I been painting this weekend?........Gaunts, gaunts and more gaunts! All 32 of 'dark apostle of pies' gaunts have been undercoated, primed, washed, highlighted, wet blended and based, Phew! Only the lictor and ravener squad to go then I'm free of this disgusting mass of bioengineered filth.

Completed photos to follow as soon as I can I promise :o)


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Paper, scissors, CONCRETE! Concrete wins every time!


I finally completed painting apostle of pies Tyranid Hive Tyrant last night so I took it outside to give it a coat of purity seal. It was my intention to give it a fighting chance of holding some level of detail whilst used on the gaming table.

However, post coating of matt varnish, one freak gust of wind, a short drop with a sudden stop later all I had left to show for my time was a pile of smashed, scratched, and chipped pieces.
Due to the level of conversion work undertaken upon this mini had left it susceptible to shattering.
A lesson learned here is to pin pin pin boys and girls or more importantly next time convert a Carnifex into a Hive Tyrant using the wonderful, bouncier plastic kit.

After a sleepless night, haunted by the traumatic event playing over and over again in my mind I have managed to assemble the mini back to its previous glory but now need to complete the soul destroying task of touching up and in some cases stripping back to bare metal.

For now please enjoy this silhouette and I’ll try and upload some photos of the completed mini over the weekend.

Ciao for now,


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Next project

At last!

This morning I finally received in the post the minis for my next project. I've dreamt for a while now to paint up a squad of Blood Angels so I got myself onto the wonderful 'Maelstrom Games' website and purchased this gorgeous boxed set of termies as well as a Terminator Chaplain and Librarian (how could I resist purchasing these spectacular minis? It would of just been rude not too!).

Oh yes I also bought the Huron Blackheart model ready for my inaugural game of 40K in two weeks time where I shall be unleashing my Chaos Space Marines against my very good friend 'dark apostle of pie' and his Tyranids. And before you say anything apostle "yes your nids will be completed before I begin on the Blood Angels" :o)

Please check back for updates to past, present and future projects.

Similarly follow my progress on:

Monday, 2 November 2009

Finally up and running!


At last we've completed the move into our first home! The painting station has been set up in the wonderfully lit conservatory and the shed/workshop is ready for use in constructing all manor of terrain :o)

I hope to in the next couple of days begin blogging some works in progress so please check back soon.