Monday, 31 January 2011

Photos from over the comes some paint!

Below are more photos of the obliterator. Hopefully I'll begin to get some paint onto it during this week once I've finished the Blood Angels and uploaded them ready to go on sale on eBay.
More to come.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Obliterator W.I.P. update

Here are some photos of the Obliterators as of last thing yesterday (sorry for the light quality):
I'm really pleased with how the claws came out. I personally feel it compliments the intense pose the hand is orientated in.
 I definitely need to thicken the calf armour of his left leg to match the left.  
 I'll add armour plating to the foot made from think slices of plastic-card to resemble the original miniature.
I want to keep the necrotic feel to the flesh of the arms as this is where the weapons are extruding from. I will blend the plasma cannon into the flesh with green stuff and add guitar wire for detail.
Next I'll add banding to the armour plates with green stuff and plastic-card.

More to come.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More work in progress

Here is a snap shot of yet another project I've been working on over the last couple of days.
I've never been a fan of the existing Obliterator models so I took one of my spare Obliterator figures and ground it down to its basic shape. I then cut it apart at its limbs with a hacksaw and pinned it together. I plan on building the shape back up with green stuff and Milliput by thickening the calf cowling and adding armour trim details. 

I want the miniature to reflect the artwork illustrated in the previous edition of the Chaos Space Marine codex (see below) and not the hunched over necrotic version as presented in the existing miniature.
I would like to replicate the feel of 'firing fury' in the miniatures stance and facial expression. I intend for the next miniature in the unit to be in a blood rage, ruthlessly tearing apart a loyal space marine terminator.

A comment I would make is that the plasma cannon arm is a little too long in my opinion so I'll cut it down and merge it into the flesh. I will then incorporate power weapon-Esq talons into the power fist hand similar to my 'Mark I' Obliterators which I sculpted a few years ago (see below).
More to come,


Monday, 24 January 2011

What I've been working on over the weekend

So what have I been working on this weekend?  Not allot sadly I must admit!  3am + Tequila slammers + rock band + sing star =  not allot happening the following day.  I did however begin a new side project. In a moment of insanity I thought to myself "what about sculpting my own miniatures and casting them in resin"? With the hang over in tow, blocking all powers of sensibility I once possessed, off to eBay I went and I am now the owner of all I need to make castings of anything I create. 

Inspired by my latest purchase I began to play around with some Milliput I had lying around and fashioned the following:
Humble beginnings maybe? Potential work of awesomeness or diabolical failure?
Could this be the start of my next batch of Chaos Space Marine Obliterators? Or is this just another failed project of mine, relegated to the shed of broken dreams?

I also began working on my Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord to act as the general to my army.

I had an out of production miniature in my bitz box which seemed to fit the role perfectly. I crafted the disc from two flying bases and some plasticard. Next I'll need to add some detail with green stuff and design a scenic base for it to be mounted upon.

One last project I managed to cram into my Ibuprofen haze this weekend was to begin work on my second Daemon Prince conversion for my successor chapter. It's not much to look at but you can see most of the individual pieces which go to make it up compared to the completed staff I completed earlier.

More to come soon.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Warriors of Chaos W.I.P

Over the last couple of days I've put the 40K miniatures to one side and started looking at my Warriors of Chaos, and boy do I wish I hadn't lol.  Before I even began to write an army list I popped out and bought myself a boxed set of the Citadel woods with the intention of somehow incorporating a tree into the rank and file units to create a mini diorama.
Once home I realised it may be difficult as the Warriors of Chaos miniatures fill the bases quite well, especially the Chaos Warriors!  I'm a little more hopeful that the marauders size will lend itself to incorporating this scenery?
It is my intention to mount a tree onto a chariot base and have it grown out of some ancient ruins. This will then sit in the centre or back of the unit block and I will create a small diorama here?  Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? 

Hopefully I'll have something to show you of my 2000 point Warhammer army in the next couple of weeks? 

In the meantime here are a few photos from my work station of the Chaos Warhounds I'm working on (sorry for the low quality)

 If you have any suggestions for themes, dioramas etc please make a comment?


More Blood Angels

Okay, so the Blood Angels are nearly ready to be uploaded onto eBay. However Games Workshop have thrown a spanner in the works by releasing the plastic Furioso and Storm Raven kits in the next couple of weeks!  Soooooo I think I will be purchasing a couple of these kits and adding them to the auction once completed? 
In the meantime here are a couple of units which were finished a while ago that I never got around to photoing.

Thanks for reading and comments are always appreciated.


Friday, 14 January 2011

Finished Terminators

I finally managed to finish painting my successor chapter terminators last night. It's taken over a month to convert, sculpt and paint but I'm really happy with the end results.

Here is my favorite member of the squad. Originally these terminators were going to bear the mark of Nurgle for my Death Guard army but I couldn't resist incorporating them into my new successor chapter.  Can you blame me?  Click on any of the photos for a larger version:

Here was my pitiful attempt to duplicate the amazing work of Todd Swanson. I failed obviously, but I still believe it's a fine miniature.

I wanted this squad member to hold a dynamic pose, blasting the followers of the false Emperor. Did I pull it off?  

Here is another power-scythe wielding terminator. As stated before these were going to be Death Guard models, hence the scythe but I think it still looks okay? Maybe I'll replace with a halberd in the future?
And finally I have the remaining member of the squad. I wanted to pose him so that it seemed as if he was about to take aim with his combi melta.

Let me know what you think. Comments are always appreciated.

Thanks for viewing,


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Work station update

Okay, here I have a low resolution photo of a mini I've had sat at my workstation for a couple of weeks.
This guy is going to be one of the Chaos Sorcerers in my successor chapter. He's a very early W.I.P but I'm hoping for great things from him once I've sculpted the robes, scripture and iconography. 

Also shown here is the test piece I completed of the shoulder pad design, which I will be applying as my chapter icon.
I have since applied this design to the miniatures I previewed in an earlier post (the silhouette). I hope to have the squad completed by Friday evening and completed photos should be up online on Monday at both my mybattalion and coolminiornot profiles. 

If you would like links to these please go to the following:

Thanks for reading, please comment and follow me if you like what you see?


Caught in the act….bad Jess…..bad Jess…..

Coming home last night I was confronted with a sight that all hobbyists never want to witness (see below):

Yup, there it is…….two weeks of painting for my next eBay auction……spread across the living room floor………aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!! Now I wonder who could be to blame for this? (See below):

That’s right, mans best friend was not a friend to me yesterday I tell ya lol
Needless to say I lost an entire evening of painting and instead spent the time gluing back together the two squads of Khorne Bezerkers, a unit of Khorne close combat terminators, a Khornate lord in terminator armour and a conversion of Abaddon. All of which were very close to being finished ready to be uploaded to eBay.

Thankfully only minimal damages occurred and I hope to have these guys up for sale on eBay ready for when everyone gets paid in February?
I’ve learnt my lesson, “do not leave miniatures in paws reach” and have instead purchased some spherical entertainment for Jess so hopefully the temptation will not be there next time?

More posts to come. Thanks for reading,