Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Serpent Guard Possessed Marines W.I.P

Hi all,

Here is a quick update on what I've been working on this week. After basing my Slaanesh Chaos Warrior unit I moved my attention back to my Serpent Guard army.

I'm reading 'First Heretic' by Aaron Dembski-Bowden at the moment, which is fast becoming my favorite novel in the Horus Heresy series. As it is all about the Word Bearers I'm inspired nightly to pick up my paint brushes and get busy painting. I especially love the cover art which has inspired me to add a unit of possessed marines to my force. With strength 5, 4+ invulnerable save (with mark of Tzeentch) and a random special ability they are fast becoming a fearsome force to contend with on the battle field! Even those pesky toughness 8 Eldar wraithlords (which used to be my Achilles heel) quake in their boots when a unit of ten possessed jump out of a rhino and charge into combat. They're even better when you roll rending / power weapons on the special ability table.

Here are some photos of the unit in its current state:

All shading and highlighting has been applied to the red armour. Next I'll move onto the flesh and then the armour trim. Once all that is finished the fun begins and I can start applying the weathering and battle damage. This is where the real pleasure for me can be found as the miniatures really start to pop!

More to come,


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Slaanesh Chaos Warrior Unit Update 21/05/2011

Here in an updated to the progress of the Chaos Warrior Unit. All models have been installed onto their bases and arranged in the ranks.

More to come,


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Slaanesh Chaos Warrior Army Update

Hi all, here is a quick update on what little work I completed last night.

For my Slaanesh lord on steed I took an unused Chaos Knight steed and cut away the rear end to allow the miniature to sit correctly:

I intend on sculpting a new cloak onto the lord to extend over the back of the barded steed and cover over the area which I cut away.

I did a little bit of work on the sorcer base by incorporating a green stuff Slaanesh rune into the front of the stone:
I really need to strip this model!

For the command squad I incorporated a Chaos Knight trumpet with the Chaos Warrior musician:

And for the standard bearer I took a banner pole from an old Tomb King kit I had lying on my desk:
More to come,


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Warriors of Chaos - Slaanesh warrior bases

I was drifting off to sleep the other night thinking about my recently constructed unit of Slaanesh Chaos Warriors and I wondered how could I make the bases a little more interesting? It struck me that why do I need to have all of the warriors at the same height? Could I not raise the ranks so that the rear is slightly higher than the front (someone is going to tell me that there is a rule regarding this aren't they)?

So last night after work I began working a piece of foam to use as a base for my unit.

I cut the 1" thick foam to suit the movement tray which my unit sits upon. I then scored the foam to create rows and columns to match the number of bases in the unit. Once scored I used a saw to cut the foam block into columns. In hindsight I should of taken into account the unit filler which will be placed somewhere in this block. Instead I will have to complete some additional sculpting to make it fit.
Once I had my columns I began cutting into the foam. The first cut formed a taper from front to back thus ensuring the rear row would be higher than the front. I then cut the foam at different angles to try and replicate the form of slated rock. Once I achieved the desired effect I cut the columns into five even pieces (see below):

Once I had my squares I glued the pieces onto standard Warhammer bases, I aligned all the pieces together and let them dry. Once dried I separated and cleaned each piece as the picture below illustrates:
You will notice I have already installed the raised block on the front row for the Chaos Sorcerer to sit upon.

Next I need to decide where the unit filler(s) need to be positioned so that I can attempt to combine the squares where required?

More to come,


Monday, 16 May 2011

Serpent Guard update

Hi all, after recieving a complaint from a friend regarding my lack of posts recently I have for your viewing pleasure example of what I've been working on recently.

First of all here are some photos of a Serpent Guard tactical squad with rhino:

There is still a bit of finishing touches to be applied but hopefully these will be completed by the end of the month?

Next are some photos of my Slaanesh chaos warrior bunker with sorcerer, battle standard bearer and unit filler:

And last of all here is a photo of my second unit filler, a particular favorite of mine :O)

More to come,


Dragon Ogres up for grabs, eBay and Slaanesh!

Hi all,

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. The laptop broke again and then Blogger refused to let me post  :O(   All the Death Guard and the Dragon Ogre (below) eBay auctions are live, hurrah!

I can now focus on my next eBay project  :O)  I have an assembled Storm Raven sitting on my desk as well as a Grey Knight Dreadknight and three Furioso dreadnought boxed sets. More to come on those soon.

Last weekend I was able to find time to get in a game of Warhammer Fantasy with some old chums from school and I have begun working on my Warriors of Chaos army again. I've decided to go with an all Slaanesh themed army purely because I love the new plastic miniatures I have sitting around and plan to incorporate them as unit fillers. I also plan on crafting my Slaanesh warshrine(s) utilizing the amazing new seeker plastic kit  :O)

I'll post W.I.P photos of the above as well as updates to my Serpent Guard very soon.


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Demon Prince anyone?

So here is the last of the Death Guard miniatures hopefully going up on to eBay later this evening?

The wings are magnetized so he an be used with or without flight.....but seriously, why wouldn't you take wings?  :O)

This is one of my favorite models to come out of Games Workshop for some time! It's just a shame he had to go with the rest of my Death Guard army but with space being at a premium around here something had to go sob sob! Hopefully he'll go to a good home and this toughness 6 flying behemoth will take down the weak minded followers of the false emporer! 

More to come,