Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Happy early birthday to me......happy early birthday to me.....please don't leave me dear's just one more mogie!!!

Hi guys,

Yup that's right, my birthday came a little early this year and I spanked out another wodge of cash and bought myself a Forgeworld Bloodthrster!!!!  Yay!!!  The wife is not that impressed as I promised to sell the Grey Knights before buying anymore models but I couldn't resist any longer.

With Warmarch coming up in August the addition of this guy to my Serpent Guard gives me multiple options as to which super heavy / gargantuan creature to field. At 888 points he is expensive but I think few opponents will have faced such an awesome miniature across the table?

I spend a good chunk of the last three evenings magnetizing all his joints to make painting and transporting easier. I just need to finish painting the last of the Grey Knights then I can begin putting paint on this amazing miniature.

I can't wait to see the Daemon Lord An'ggrath the Unbound peeling the layers of Cerimite armour off the Macharius Vanquisher of a certain 4th Praetorian Mechanized hee hee!

More to come,


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Greater Brass Scorpion Base - Preparing the pieces

Hi guys,
Here's a catch up to document the progress of the creation of my brass scorpions apocalypse sized base.

After designing on paper what I wanted to create and cutting out the base materials I began chopping the blue foam into the segments I will require.
Here are the pieces arranged:

The steps were cut from cork sheet to make life a little easier.
Next the top surface was cut from styrene tread plate sheeting. I also cast a set of piping and end pieces.

Next I used varying thicknesses of plasticard to cover the exposed blue foam and cut out the 'Serpent Guard' iconography for the pipes to feed into.

The next few photos illustrates the scorpion mounted upon its base.

More to come,


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What do YOU want to see here?

Hi guys,
As some of you may know I have a few outlets for sharing my hobby with the world. First came this blog, followed by my YouTube channel and most recently my Facebook page. Updating all of these channels takes time and I'm keen to gain an understanding of what people want to see on these channels in terms of articles, videos, guides etc.? I don't want to spend hours each evening writing a battle report if no one wants to see them or more importantly is interested?

Admittedly I have neglected this blog in terms of updates and have only recently received a modicum amount of love from me but that is in part due to the overwhelming response I have received on my YouTube and Facebook channels where people are more inclined to leave comments, feedback or requests. I’m positive this is due to the format of these other channels which makes it much easier to leave comments but would love to hear from yourselves (assuming anyone still reads this blog?) as to what you would like to see on this channel? Would you like to see ‘battle reports’, step-by-step painting guides or just photos of completed miniatures? The format of the blog lends itself to in depth report writing and painting guides whilst YouTube is there primarily for videos and Facebook for photos.

Here is your chance to let me know that someone / anyone still read this blog? This is your chance to input into what you would like / would not like to see here?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

More to come,


Friday, 8 June 2012

Serpent Guard update - 08/06/2012

Hi guys.

Here's an update to the progress of my Serpent Guard. Namely photos of the Badab War hero and demon prince:

The greater demon is well under way to be finished so check back soon for photos as well as progress on the base construction for the greater bras scorpion.

More to come,


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Developement of the base

Hi guys,

This evening I began developing the apocalypse base for my Greater Brass Scorpion.

I finally got around to digging out the battery powered jigsaw from the shed and cut the plate sized disc out of the MDF. I then cut two more discs out of 1" blue foam ready for creating layers.

And here is the design that I settled with for the base.

More to come,


Warmarch: Super heavy preparation - Greater Brass Scorpion

Hi guys,

After purchasing my ticket to Warmarch in August I decided it was time to begin looking at which super heavy in my collection needed some T.L.C. I decided to go with the Greater Brass Scorpion as it is such an amazing model and fits the theme of my army a little more than the Nurgle plague reaper. The problem is it is lacking a much needed base to support it, and having literally melted three or four times whilst it was stored in my conservatory I need to create a base that will not only match the theme of my Serpent Guard but also prevent any further melting issues.

Here is the first photo of the development of that base:

A small plate was selected as a suitable guide size for the new base.

Next I'll sketch out on paper how I envisage the base will look. With this base being so large I think I can really go to town on this design.

More to come,


Monday, 4 June 2012

War is coming!!! Warmarch awaits :O)

That's right people, I just bought my ticket for the Warmarch campaign weekend being held at Warhammer World on the 18th & 19th of August. After the amazing weekend I had a fortnight ago at the Badab War Part 2 campaign weekend I was chomping at the bit to go to a similar event. It's a similar style event to the fore mentioned in that you can field Forgeworld miniatures as long as they have the "40K approved" stamp in their respective books. And you know what that means, expect to see contemptor dreadnoughts galor  :O)   Another interesting spin is that you can field one 'super heavy' detachment as long as you can fit it within the 1750 points and still keep your army legal (i.e. one HQ and 2 troop choices). Hopefully that won't mean I'll be seeing dozens of Warhound titans but it is a distinct possibility! 

I'm looking forward to seeing some epic armies at this tournament and it is always great fun to see some big toys on the table, even if they are impossible to kill!!! 

As for what I intend on fielding, I do have a number of super heavies at my disposal including my super effective 'plague reaper'.

With its strength 7, AP3 hellstorm template offering no cover saves for anyone unlucky enough to be beneath its mighty yield. And with the added bonus that if you feel brave enough to take it on in close combat you are faced with 3D6 strength 3 nurgling attacks at initiative 3 which have been known in the past to kill entire terminator squads and even a Trygon!!  Add this to the standard lascannons, heavy bolters galor and demolisher cannon the 'plague reaper' adds some well needed firepower to my Chaos army which specialises in close combat fighting.  

Alternatively I have my 'greater brass scorpion:

This bad ass comes fitted with a multitude of weapons including two strength 6 AP3 flamers, a demolisher cannon and the scorpion cannon which fires at strength 6 AP3 assault 10! Being a walker this guy moves 12" and assaults 12" and with seven attacks on the charge he could be a solution to tackling some of those titans I fear so much?

Alternatively I could always crack open the savings vault and splash out on a new toy? Forgeworld offer many tempting toys for the chaos space marine player these days and as my entire army is protected by the mighty Tzeentch how fitting / amazing would it be to see this guy suddenly be summoned out of one the lowly champions which has just charged into the heart of your army!  :O)

It's a few months off yet and between now and then I have a birthday, the release of 6th edition and possibly if the rumours are to be believed a new codex for the Chaos Space Marines  :O)

More to come,