Monday, 26 September 2011

The 'not so Grey Knight' update 26/11/2011

Hi all,

I finally plucked up the courage yesterday and whipped out the 'not so Grey Knights' along with my airbrush and got cracking on painting these guys. I decided to go with a dark red for the colour scheme and will probably throw in a bit of Serpent Guard influenced grey/white for thrills too.

I haven't much photographic evidence to show you how I got on except for a couple of photos of the first dreadknight:

I began with a coat of grey primer followed by mahogany.

I then began highlighting with Italian red and then orange.

This guy is just asking for some freehand so I need to get my creative juices flowing and design a pattern, which will compliment the awesomeness that is this miniature  :O)

I'm absolutely in love with my airbrush not and why oh why haven't I used it properly until now?!
I got so carried away I managed to undercoat the remainder of the Grey Knight army as well priming my Plaguereaper for the Serpent Guard as I'm not happy with the existing paint job and want to bring it in line with the existing colour scheme.

Keep checking back guys because in the near future I'll be cracking out a couple of super special projects, one of which I've had to import parts from the good old U.S of A  :O)


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