Thursday, 27 October 2011

Necron update - 27/10/2011

Hi guys, here's my first attempt at a repose of the standard Necron warrior:

My personal opinion is that there is no need for the lower half of the jaw so that was the first thing to go. Do they even speak? hmmm

I went for a slouched pose and repositioned the head to be much lower down in the chest.

Both arms were split at the elbows and allowed to straighten to try and position the gauss flayer at arms length. I failed a little here and hopefully the next conversion will work out better?

As shown above and below I have tried to illustrate the next phase of my modifications. I intend on sculpting additional spine features, which will continue down the entire length of the spinal column and over the top of the shoulders down to the head..

Next I will sculpt new shoulder pads, similar to the existing Immortals perhaps?

More to come,


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