Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Serpent Guard Update

Hi peoples,

It's been a while since my last update but I'm finally back. Today I have for you some snap shots of how I'm expanding my Serpent Guard now the shiny new 6th edition codex has been released.

First up here are some shots of my Helldrake conversion and base:

I love this miniature. The kit itself is amazing but the standard pose leaves a bit to be desired. A cut here and there plus a few parts borrowed from the Maulerfiend kit and I'm proud to add this to my Serpent Guard army.

Here is a close up of the Helldrake base.

I began creating this conversion for a second Daemon Prince for my Serpent Guard army before the new codex was released. With the loss of eternal warrior and the possibility of any champion becoming one when rolling on the boon table I decided to move onto more shiny toyz.

Here is a shot from the back. I have utilised components from the plastic Daemon Prince kit, a pair of metal Hive Tyrant legs and the arms of the metal Keeper of Secrets.

This is a shot of the base I designed and build for my first Forgefiend conversion.

Here I have places the Hades Autocannons on the top of the carapace again utilising components from the Maulerfiend box set. By mistake I glued the ectoplasma head upside down but I think it gives a little more character.

Here is the Forgefiend positioned upon his custom base.

After reading the new codex I decided I had to create a Kharn the Betrayer conversion. The old model is amazing, one of the best to date you could argue but it just looks silly these days standing next to the current range.

Here is a side view, I wanted Gorechild to be really impressive.

And a shot from the rear.

Here is a shot of the champion for my terminator squad.

The first reaper autocannon.

The second reaper autocannon.

The standard bearer.

And a lightning clawed chap just because I could.

All together they will join four of my existing terminator conversions and Abaddon. In total there is easily over 1000 points in this unit but boy what a deathstar unit it is.

Another one of the new units to join my army is the Warpsmith. I purchased this miniature purely for reference initially as I intend to eventually convert my own version. It is B.E.A.utiful!!!!  This is not the finecast of old, or more suitably 'Failcast'. There were little to no bubbles or defects that I could see, the axe is bent but a little bit of heat application will tidy that up nicely.

All in all I've been really impressed with all the new Choas Space Marine releases. I would of like to of seen new sculpts for Abaddon etc. but I plan on creating conversion of each of the characters anyway so meh.

I've spend far too long converting lately and need to get back to painting ASAP. I have a 6000 point doubles match coming up at the end of November at Warhammer World against the forces of the '4th Praetorian Mechanized' and hope to have some of these latest additions finished in time.

More to come,



  1. Welcome back!

    I want to see abaddon and that deathstar unit in the big game. Pick up the paint brush and get to work! I wonder how he will fair against the masses flashlights...

  2. Paint pain paint, waiting too long to see your abadon painted;-)

    1. He's all painted up now. Hopefully there is a post here somewhere but there is definately a video on my YouTube channel :O)

  3. Those terminators look amazing, and so does the heldrake conversion. One thing that is bugging me though, what on earth is that thing on the top of the terminators?? :S

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. The tanks on top of the terminators are inspired by the work of Todd Swanson. They are supposed to be reservoirs of poisons that the terminators feed upon to drive them into a rage (or along these lines). Happy hobbying