Friday, 30 January 2015

Return of the Serpent Guard - Golden Demon Entry 2014 - PART 2

Hi all,

Continuing with the documentation of my 2014 Golden Demon entry I will now go through the next stage of the process.

To begin with I undercoated the display base with black primer. I then applied a light coat of white primer from directly above.

The rock was undercoated with dark brown. Once dried I applied a wash of brown ink with purple ink in the deep recesses.

Next I dry brushed the rock with the same brown that I used in the base coat.

With the gate installed the assembly was too top heavy so I hollowed out the base and filled with various different packs of clay that I had about the house. I then bonded the plinth to the turned wooden base.

Here I am beginning to paint the steps and walls. I begin by applying a base colour with Llyanden yellow on the steps and ceramite white for the walls.

I then covered it heavily with a flesh wash.  Once dried it was dry brushed with the base colour.

I then went back over the stone and walls with the previous colours where the dry brushing had bled over.

A view from the back of the warp gate. I added additional Serpent Guard icons to each of the portions of the gate along with the obligatory spikes. 

Here I am beginning to add weathering which I applied with a sponge using a mix of 90/10 black to brown.

I then applied a wash of brown ink to the weathered areas.

Coming up next I'll document the creation of the actual miniatures that will be mounted upon the display.

More to come,


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