Friday, 30 September 2016

Golden Demon 2016 - Obliterator Conversion - Part 1

Hello all,

Today I am going to document as best I can the process I went through in the generation of my Obliterator conversion I entered in the open category of the 2016 Golden Demon painting competition.

I have always loved the artwork of the Obliterator from the 3rd edition of the Chaos Space Marine Codex but I never felt the miniatures captured the aesthetic, they were always too hunched over and deformed.

Due to the proportions of the artwork, specifically the ratio of the head to the body I decided to use the Daemon Prince model as my starting point in the construction.

After a little modification to the limbs and re-positioning of the standard model I made a large modification to the torso to allow the head to be recessed. I selected a nice square plinth I had laying around to display the model upon.

I could not find a suitable clawed hand in the Games Workshop range so I decided to make my own from styrene sections. 

After positioning the clawed hand I added a little green stuff to blend it in to the Daemon Prince arm. 

For the weapon arm I cut up a number of different diameters of pipe and stacked them together. Finishing with drilling out the barrels of the larger diameters.

Here I have added blades to the back of the combat arm, again made from styrene. I have also begun adding detail to the shoulder pads.

The head I selected for the conversion came from the Forgeworld model, Raven Guard Shadow Captain Korvydae.

Here is the sketched design for the plinth label. The phrase "kill, krush, rend them limb from limb" was taken from one of the Obliterator quotes from the Dawn Of War computer game. 

To protect the head which was already partially painted I used a stand in from another project. You can also see I am beginning to build up the torso creating a basic structure with styrene.

Here I am beginning to add to the basic structure of the combat arm including adding the pipework supports. 

The tubes were made from green stuff using my trusty tentacle maker.

Adding a few more details including pipework out of the top of the torso and on the front. 

Here I am using green stuff to sculpt the final form.

And finally here is a shot of the conversion installed on the basic form of the display base. The plinth label was simply cut from a can of coke and I made a few select folds to try and imitate aged parchment.

In part two I will begin documenting the process I went through creating the display base.

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