Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Next project

At last!

This morning I finally received in the post the minis for my next project. I've dreamt for a while now to paint up a squad of Blood Angels so I got myself onto the wonderful 'Maelstrom Games' website and purchased this gorgeous boxed set of termies as well as a Terminator Chaplain and Librarian (how could I resist purchasing these spectacular minis? It would of just been rude not too!).

Oh yes I also bought the Huron Blackheart model ready for my inaugural game of 40K in two weeks time where I shall be unleashing my Chaos Space Marines against my very good friend 'dark apostle of pie' and his Tyranids. And before you say anything apostle "yes your nids will be completed before I begin on the Blood Angels" :o)

Please check back for updates to past, present and future projects.

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