Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Blood Angel squad progress update

Okay, quick update.

Here I have photos of the assembled terminator squad. I've tried to remove all the mould lines from the plastics and pose in dynamic stances. I removed the flash from the librarian and chaplain but resisted converting the mini this time around, maybe next time my sweets!

Welsh slate was glued to the bases to try and add an extra aspect to the posing and modelling sand was applied.

Next I would like to begin naming the squad and the individual minis. After a brief stint browsing the Internet I settled with the following names: -

Squad = Lazurus

Chaplain = Argastes

Librarian = Furion


Brother Leonatos (Sergeant with power weapon and storm bolter)
Brother Menelus (Heavy flamer and power fist)
Brother Mabuse (Storm bolter and power fist)
Brother Vesalius (Storm bolter and power fist)
Brother Raphael (Storm bolter and power fist)

If anyone has a suggestion of better names please leave a comment?

More to come,


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