Thursday, 3 February 2011

Blood Angels now up for sale on eBay

After finally finishing all models for the Blood Angel army (excluding Furioso's and Storm Raven of course), I managed to upload all miniatures onto eBay. The following are links to these auctions if anyone is interested?:

Chaplain with jump pack -

Terminator Chaplain -

Death Company -

Razorback -

Sanguinor -

Tactical Squad -

Sanguinary Guard -

Drop Pod -

Terminator Librarian -

Landraider -

Next to come will be updates to the progress of the Obliterator which has finally had paint applied.

More to come,


1 comment:

  1. The blood angels all look really nice. I'd only be nterested in the Chaplain if I lived ont he proper continent. >.<; Well, and I didn't enjoy painting so much I'd much rather do it my own self... even if it wouldn't be nearly that good.