Monday, 21 February 2011

First casting done!

I managed to find time over the weekend to produce my first resin casting of one of my obliterators. What do you think?

I'm not completely satisfied with the end result. I need to refine my pouring process to eradicate the air bubbles forming in the casting. It's not a complete waste though as I will repair it with filler and green stuff ready for painting.

Hopefully I'll manage to manufacture molds of the remaining two obliterator sculpts soon?

More to come,



  1. It looks okay, I haven't inspected any of the pictures too closely though. For the 'pouring process' general consensus on any videos I've watched on casting tend to suggest you use a big syringe, sans needle of course, and this supposedly cuts down on air bubbles.

  2. Apparently because I'm using resin I need to use a 'bottom up' approach to filling lol At the moment I'm pouring into the two part mold from a vent in the top. If I were to fill it from beneath and allow the resin to find its level it will naturally push all the air out. I'll give it another go some time soon, lots of other goodies to be getting on with at the moment though :O)