Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Grey Knight update - 23/11/2011

Hi guys,
I've been busy busy working on the Grey Knights over the last couple of weeks. I've nearly finished all the squads and will upload photos once I've finished them. In the meantime here is a photo of the first dreadknight in its weathered form:

I wanted the theme for the entire army to be as if they were stuck on a demonic world and decided to create volcanic / molten magma bases. Here is a photo of the base for the dreadknight (pre painting):

 And here is a photo of my test piece:

I'm really happy with the result, I do not think the photo does it justice and I can't wait to finish the bases for the remainder of the army. Once mounted I hope to apply a glow effect to each model to reflect the heat coming from the magma.
One last thing, after searching my bitz box the other night I came across this chap:

It turns out a winning eBay bid from many many years ago secured me this guy, which at the time I had no clue as to who he was? It's missing a few key components like the character and the gun servitor with multi melta but hopefully with a little creativeness I can convert something to take their places?
More to come,


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  1. that was inquisitor karamazov :p