Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A blast from the past

Hi guys,

Yesterday I took receipt of a project that I designed and built many years ago. A work colleague had been using/storing the items for me and I completely forgot about them until his wife decided it was time for my wife to bare the burden.

The goal of this project was to design and build a modular terrain board that could be easily stored / transported.

The components for a terrain board (some finished, some not so finished)

Allot of unfinished pieces.

An example of one of the finished terrain pieces.

Some sort of sacrificial temple perhaps? Who knows, I used to be into WHFB back then!

Here are some of the tiles arranged. Originally there was an 8' x 4' MDF board which had contoured foam shapes adhered around the edges. Sadly this was destroyed long ago due to water damage. Whilst the project is half finished and a little battle damaged I think it could be salvageable? The rivers need allot of work and I predominately play 40K nowadays so the theme doesn't really suite the 41st millennium but I believe it is possible to texture the opposite sides of the tiles to be more futuristic than fantasy.

Whilst I do not have time to be taking up yet another project it might be nice to try and do something with this half finished job. Having Warhammer World on my door step makes me less than inclined to want to build terrain but having the option to have a couple of friends over at my house and have usable terrain would be nice.

Check back and you might see a progress report on this project?

More to come,


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