Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Happy early birthday to me......happy early birthday to me.....please don't leave me dear's just one more mogie!!!

Hi guys,

Yup that's right, my birthday came a little early this year and I spanked out another wodge of cash and bought myself a Forgeworld Bloodthrster!!!!  Yay!!!  The wife is not that impressed as I promised to sell the Grey Knights before buying anymore models but I couldn't resist any longer.

With Warmarch coming up in August the addition of this guy to my Serpent Guard gives me multiple options as to which super heavy / gargantuan creature to field. At 888 points he is expensive but I think few opponents will have faced such an awesome miniature across the table?

I spend a good chunk of the last three evenings magnetizing all his joints to make painting and transporting easier. I just need to finish painting the last of the Grey Knights then I can begin putting paint on this amazing miniature.

I can't wait to see the Daemon Lord An'ggrath the Unbound peeling the layers of Cerimite armour off the Macharius Vanquisher of a certain 4th Praetorian Mechanized hee hee!

More to come,



  1. That is a brutal model. I've been reading the stats and needless to say it will be given as wide a birth as possible!
    I wonder how that blood thirster likes a vortex missile...

  2. hahahaha! He can take it, it only does inflicts D6 wounds.......doh! Minimum range of 48" might be a problem though when he moves 24" and assaults 12" :O)

  3. Well he isn't that tough it would only require on average 50 Imperial Guard Lascannon shots to kill him... oh dear... He is pretty much indestructible!
    My poor macharius only has 2 structure points!

    1. Mwah ha ha ha ha! At toughness eight your puny strength four lasguns and bolters can not wound him mwah ha ha ha!! Stroke of the beard time!