Friday, 21 June 2013

Blood Angel Furioso Dreadnought Conversion (Part 1)

Hi peoples,

Lots of interesting projects and exciting changes coming along in the background over here at Rumplemaster headquarters.  Hopefully I'll shine some light on this later in the year?  ;O)

For today I thought I'd share some of the WIP shots for those who are interested in one or two projects that I have recently been working upon?

For some time I've had an idea to create a Blood Angel army that has fully succumb to the 'Black Rage'. I want the models to have varying levels of Vampiric attributes which will have taken effect very slowly. Seing as how Space Marines live for thousands of years only the oldest and most venerable units / characters will have extreme physical changes. This leads me on to the Furioso Dreadnought armed with the deadly 'Blood Talons'. I envisioned a creature of pure rage entombed within the impenetrable body of the dreadnought, leading the charge into battle via drop pod assault.

This is the first fitting of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Vampire Count Ghoul King from the Terrorgeist kit into the sarcophagus of the Furioso Dreadnought. I split the Dreadnought kit down the middle and removed the lower portion of the sarcophagus to be replaced at a later time.

I chopped the legs into sections to make posability a little easier. The current plastic kit does not make dynamic posing as simple as it should perhaps.

Fitting the shin guard.

Installing the torso to the leg assembly. I wanted the pose of the dreadnought to reflect his rage being projected towards the unfortunate foe that is before him.

With the claws splayed open I feel it is the finishing detail that empathises how much this guy is going to enjoy ripping his foe apart! If only Blood Angels could field the Lucius pattern drop pods!

Here I am beginning to develop the base for the Furioso. Typically I never have a design in my head, I just look at the model it is to mount and begin letting my imagination go wild. I decided that I wanted to base this army upon a merging of two themes that I have used before, industrial and volcanic. Hopefully this will allow for some nice OSL to be applied in the painting process.

With a strong frame installed I begin adding some cork sheeting.

Here I am adding a section of pipework from the 'Hirst Arts' molds and a length of styrene tubing.

The finished volcanic rock formation and pipework.

Here I am applying a coating of 'Winsor and Newton' Black Lava Texture Gel'.

The effect once dried.

And from a different perspective.

The finished model installed upon his base.

Here is a view of the Furioso without his torso installed. I left the two halves separate on purpose to make it easier to paint. I have added a bunch of conduits using the 'Green Stuff Industries' tentacle maker.

I absolutely love this conversion. It looks so different to the standard Furioso and it creates the basis for a theme to run through the entire army. Now the only thing left to do is to paint paint paint. Sadly my compressor died so it looks like it's going to be good old fashioned brush work for this chap.

If you would like to see a 360 degree video of this model plus the other projects I'm working upon please view the following:
More to come,



  1. Looks phenomenally! Certainly looks like a mad bastard. Is there going to be part of a carapace around the middle, looks a bit too exposed at the moment

  2. Thanks buddy, I'm not sure if I want to box in the Ghoul King body as it will reduce the overall effect generated by the conversion? Perhaps I could install some sort of grill so that the effect is still apparent? I'll see what I can do :O)