Monday, 24 June 2013

Rumplemasters Necron Army Creation - C'tan Shard Conversion (Part 1)

Hi people,
Hopefully some of you will find the following of interest, which is the first part of a series of posts where I document the creation of my Necron army.
Anyone who knows me understands my undeniable love of everything sci-fi and in particular 'robots & mechs'.  Fortunate for me Games Workshop has available entire ranges of spectacular sci-fi kits and offers an opportunity to create some truly original conversions. As I frequently attend tournament and campaign weekends at Warhammer World Nottingham I wanted all of the parts to be sourced from GW kits to prevent issues arising when playing on their magnificent tables.
With my love of everything robots / mecha, it seemed the logical decision to begin working upon a Necron & Tau army. From my experiences with designing and building my Serpent Guard I wanted to take this army a step further and try to customise / convert as much as possible. After all I want to try and secure that 'wow' factor when my army is deployed upon the battlefield and all going well is presented in the display cases during the events at Warhammer World.  
The benefit of converting a Necron army is this is a relatively new codex and the majority of the kits are plastic. Plus they're an alien race of robots so I'm not restricted to conventional 'human' design and I can let me imagination run wild!
To begin I looked through the GW range of Necron kits, trying to find a feature that would inspire my imagination. I found this in the 'Triarch Stalker' kit. The spidery and multi-jointed limbs and that huge scythe grabbed my attention instantly.  I popped to WHW and made my purchase of a Triarch Stalker kit along with a set of Necron Canoptek Wraiths. Once home I clip off all of the components and lay them in front of me in a jumbled mess. This is where the fun begins. With blu tac in hand, my beautiful wife at my side, stinky dog at my feet and of course the essential strong cup of tea I begin to pick pieces up and place them next to each other, trying to picture in my head what this could be? Soon I have something looking like a chest, perhaps this could be a spine or a neck? Maybe this could be a hip joint etc etc. After a couple hours of repeating this process I have the following:

It's very loosely held together but it's taking upon a life of its own now. I realise this is going to be a BIG model once I'm finished. It is categorised as a monstrous creatures so it is going to be mounted upon the larger 60mm base so it should be okay. The pose here oozes lumbering giant in my opinion, with the sweep of the torso, the elongated neck and the long limbs of the legs. It would be pointed out to me later on however that this design is reminiscent of the Geth constructs from the Mass Effect universe. Seeing as how I played this game for countless hours that is not a mystery to me.

Here I am assembling the foot design. The toes for the C'tan Shard are from the Wraith kit.

Discussing the design with come friends of mine, they pointed out that the head was a little off so I began exploring a different method of assembling a face. The above is the design I settled upon.


Here I have assembled the torso, legs and head. I added in the curved spine to the rear to bulk out the body as it was looking at little too slim.

The legs were also looking a little too slender so I added some bladed tips to the lower joints which detracts attention from this.

Here I have begun constructing one of the hands. I wanted the shard to originally only have three fingers but when I installed them upon the hand it looked very weird. I feel this is a much better design.

I still wanted to integrate that massive scythe from he Triarch kit into the Shard conversion. I decided that he/it could be wielding it as a weapon, hence the above and below shots.

Here the arm is installed upon the weapon.

I'm installing the arm here. As someone pointed out on my Facebook page he seems to be doing a little dance!  This is not the look I wanted to portray.

Here I have installed the weapon arm. I love the look from this angle.

I began thinking about how to mount this conversion. I wanted to continue the theme from my Lychguard conversions and constructed this whilst on a break at my parents.

Nearly finished here, a little it of filling and sanding to go.

The C'tan shard installed upon his base.

And finally an overview shot of the C'tan Shard upon its base. I still need to fill some gaps and clean up mold lines etc but I'm really happy with the model so far.

More to come,



  1. What a BRILLIANT blog sir!! I randomly stumbled across it after a google search of Dreadknight conversions and have spent a good portion of my commute enjoying the content. I feel totally energized to push into converting large models more. You've done a brilliant job with so many.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Holy hell! Are you kidding me? Your blog is amazing buddy, consider me a follower :O) Love your work.