Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Coming soon: Grey Knights!!!

Okay guys, here is the beginnings of a new eBay army, which I've begun working on.

 Here is the first of two dreadknights. The second one is in pieces on my desk at the moment but hopefully I'll have photos for you some time tomorrow?

Grey knight squad. All they need now in a troop transport, but which one to choose? hmmmm

The above are photos of the Paladin Squad.

Above are photos of the Grey Knight terminator squad.

And finally a Vindicare assassin.

To accompany these guys I have a finecast librarian and a Stormraven, which is having paint applied to it at the moment so look out for more W.I.P photos soon.

The colour scheme I'll be applying to this army will not be the standard boltgun metal (I HATE boltgun metal!!!!). Instead I will be using a similar colour scheme to that of my Serpent Guard, that is more Astronomicon grey rather than metal!

More to come,



  1. Lookin 4ward 2 seein the next dreadknight any ideas on pose? wink wink lol! Lookin 4ward 2 seein some painted and all m8

  2. Hahahaha! Hmmmm I wonder?! You'll have to wait and see :O) I tell you something though, it's such a difficult pose to position this guy in aint it! A little cut here, a little cut there, a MASSIVE cut here and there!!! lmao I'm not sure I'm too impressed by it so far but I'll power on and hope for the best. You should send me a pic of your pose for comparison once I'm done :O)