Sunday, 21 August 2011

Serpent Guard update 21/08/2011

Hi guys,

Here's a quick on the progress on my serpent guard and of what I have planned for the near future.

I've been working on some dreadnoughts ready for the Babab War boarding missions, which we play on Thursdays:
 The above is the close combat monster with bolter and heavy flamer.

Here is the plasma cannon armed option. Both dreads are ready to receive their iconography. I'm thinking serpents wrapping around all the the limbs? More to come soon.

Next I have an update on my triple dakka preds, which I'll use in my 1750 tournament list:

These guys are nearly finished. All that's left is to do some white highlights then the fun begins......the weathering!!!!  :O)

Other than working on the serpent guard I've gotten around to purchasing a Grey Knight army after being inspired by a friend with his amazing conversion of a dreadknight (you know who you are!)......which I have stolen so expect to see some W.I.P progress shots of these guys soon which will eventually be going up for sale on eBay.

More to come,


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