Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - Grey Knight Update 01/01/2012

Hi guys,

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. I've been busy trying to generate interest via my new YouTube channel and haven't gotten around to updating any of my blogs. Fear not as I shall be updating regularly from now on.

In the meantime here is a sample of the projects I'm working on along with some photos of the finished Paladins and Terminators for my Grey Knight army. Sorry for the quality though guys, damn camera is on the blink  :O(

 Here is what is going to be my Death Cult assassin squad.

 This is my second Dreadknight conversion
 I thought I'd add the shocked demonette enjoying a relaxing bath in the molten magma as a joke.

 Here is the beginnings of my dreadnought with dual, twin linked autocannonns. After hearing all the fuss on podcasts lately regarding these chaps I thought I'd best add one. The Puppetswar arms are exceptional and will be looking to purchase some more kits in the near future  :O)

Here is the commander for my Grey Knight army. I really enjoyed painting this chap and I love the OSL I attempted. Hopefully my technique will improve over time?

This guy is the old metal Grey Knight terminator captain. I will use him to represent a grand master.

And that's your lot for now chaps. If you like my work why not visit my YouTube channel and watch the videos of the above Terminators and Paladins along with a few other projects I'm working on. Please subscribe and comment if you do as it lets me know people are actually reading / watching what I'm doing.

More to come,


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  1. Fantastic work as always! I really like how you've done the glow from the magma on the Grey Knights.
    Can't wait to see that Dreadknight painted, that pose is made of awesome.