Monday, 9 January 2012

Ogres up for sale! 09/01/2012

Hi guys,

It's been a tough decision but I've decided I need to sell my beloved Ogre Kingdoms army  :O(   I've run out of space at home and need to make some room for all of these projects I'm working if I didn't make the room I'm willing to bet there would be Ogre shaped lumps in the rubbish this week?! hahahahaha.

Here are the photos of the auctions up on eBay this week (along with links) if anyone is interested in giving these guys a new home?

It'll be a real shame to loose these guys but I just don't get around to playing Fantasy Battle anymore and instead focus all my free time on working on 40K projects. Although I do have a warriors of Chaos army on my top shelf just aching for some work  :O)

More to come,


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