Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Greater Brass Scorpion progress 15/08/2012

Hi guys,

I was burning the midnight oil last night and managed to get the freehand down on the two claws. They're still a little messy and need the pencil lines removing and some of the edges are a bit tatty but I'm quite happy with the progress.

I'm considering painting flames coming out of the mouth of each of the sepents to represent the 'Hellmaw' cannons in the claws. I would then like to paint in some OSL to represent the fire glowing in the claws  :O)

This is my favorite of the two serpents that I painted last night. I'm still happy with the final result though.

And finally a shot from the front and the view my opponent will see. Hopefully they won't want to shoot something that I've spent so long painting hee hee

More to come,


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