Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Yup, another project for me. It's Tau time!

Hi guys,

With the Grey Knights sold I've began to look at which miniatures I have in my bitz box to determine which army I will work on next.  To my surprise and delight it looks like Tau will be my next big project.

I say surprise as I did not fully appreciate how much Tau I actually own. In my collection I have three hammerhead / devilfish's, three piranhas, twelve Vespid and a heap of left over Forgeworld battlesuit bitz. This is a good start for a project indeed, all are really heavily coated with paint so they have been soaked thoroughly in Fairy power spray over night and given a vigorous brushing with an old toothebrush. 

I love, LOVE the Tau miniature range. All those flat surfaces are begging for some freehand and what do I have to say about the Forgeworld battlesuits except they are probably my favorite miniatures of all time to date. This Tau army project is going to hit me hard in the wallet I can forsee already  :O)

So to the first stage of my Tau army I'm taking a look at the humble Hammerhead tank.

After reading an online blog the other day I spotted this little gem of fan art. I love how the hammerhead tank is illustrated here. The shortened hull and smooth features are amazing and I want to use this as a basis for my first conversion. Also note the amazing effect used to illustrate the stealth team cloak field. I sense an idea forming for this too  :O)

Here is a post stripping hammerhead tank

I assemble my tools to begin the butchering process MWAH HA HA HA HA!

I eye up my prey!

SCADOOOSH!!!!  A mighty cut is made.

Oh the no feature safe?  :O)

 I'll pick this up again tonight.

More to come,


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  1. The artwork is indeed really cool and I can see why you're feeling inspired!

    The Hammerhead looks a lot meaner and more menacing. I quite like the idea of Marines who've got "native" too... perhaps some allies could be in order?

    Either way I'm looking forward to seeing what the Rumplemaster studio gives us next :-)