Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Warmarch is approaching.....and I am NOT prepared!

Hi all,

Here is a quick update on my preparation (or lack of) for this weekends Warmarch event at Warhammer World.

After being torn as to which super heavy to take I finally decided to go with the Great Brass Scorpion.

The problem I now have is that I need to paint this beast up before Saturday morning. I decided that I wanted to add some freehand to all of theose plain panels and after a snooze on Sunday I picked up my paint brush and started to sketch out the Serpent details:

This is what I managed to complete on Sunday. I'm quite happy with the results except I now need to add detail to the clawa at least otherwise it will look weird!

Once the claws have been detailed I'll add the final highlights then the fun bit begins, WEATHERING!!!

More to come,



  1. Looking ace. I'm not sure if it needs a base at all. As always impressed with the free hand!

  2. Cheers buddy. I'll probably finish the base anyway as it's always handy to have a base to determine who is and is not in base to base contact for assaulting, shooting etc. Round two of free hand will begin tonight. I've got to begin designing five objective markers now too....blurg!

  3. last minute doesn't even come close to describing...

  4. wish my long time endeavours matched up to the last minute lol awesome work as always