Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Warriors of Chaos - Slaanesh warrior bases

I was drifting off to sleep the other night thinking about my recently constructed unit of Slaanesh Chaos Warriors and I wondered how could I make the bases a little more interesting? It struck me that why do I need to have all of the warriors at the same height? Could I not raise the ranks so that the rear is slightly higher than the front (someone is going to tell me that there is a rule regarding this aren't they)?

So last night after work I began working a piece of foam to use as a base for my unit.

I cut the 1" thick foam to suit the movement tray which my unit sits upon. I then scored the foam to create rows and columns to match the number of bases in the unit. Once scored I used a saw to cut the foam block into columns. In hindsight I should of taken into account the unit filler which will be placed somewhere in this block. Instead I will have to complete some additional sculpting to make it fit.
Once I had my columns I began cutting into the foam. The first cut formed a taper from front to back thus ensuring the rear row would be higher than the front. I then cut the foam at different angles to try and replicate the form of slated rock. Once I achieved the desired effect I cut the columns into five even pieces (see below):

Once I had my squares I glued the pieces onto standard Warhammer bases, I aligned all the pieces together and let them dry. Once dried I separated and cleaned each piece as the picture below illustrates:
You will notice I have already installed the raised block on the front row for the Chaos Sorcerer to sit upon.

Next I need to decide where the unit filler(s) need to be positioned so that I can attempt to combine the squares where required?

More to come,



  1. Awesome trick! Thanks for putting this up, man.

  2. No worries! I just hope it works out in the end? :O)