Thursday, 19 May 2011

Slaanesh Chaos Warrior Army Update

Hi all, here is a quick update on what little work I completed last night.

For my Slaanesh lord on steed I took an unused Chaos Knight steed and cut away the rear end to allow the miniature to sit correctly:

I intend on sculpting a new cloak onto the lord to extend over the back of the barded steed and cover over the area which I cut away.

I did a little bit of work on the sorcer base by incorporating a green stuff Slaanesh rune into the front of the stone:
I really need to strip this model!

For the command squad I incorporated a Chaos Knight trumpet with the Chaos Warrior musician:

And for the standard bearer I took a banner pole from an old Tomb King kit I had lying on my desk:
More to come,



  1. Your greenstuff skills make me jealous. >:o

  2. That Slaanesh Lord, what kind of knight is that? Because i really like the helmet and the pole!