Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Badab War preperation update - 29/02/2012

Hi guys,

Here's an update on the progress of my Serpent Guard in preperation for the Badab War campaign weekend at the end of May.

Here's my primed Badab War Hero ready for painting:

Next I began working on my greater daemon:

More to come,



  1. Your ability to make unique and interesting models is astounding mate! Are you going to make him count as a specific greater daemon?

  2. Cheers buddy. In the current release of the codex there are no dedicated greater daemons. Also I field my Serpent Guard as a successor chapter to the word Bearers who wield all the forces of chaos :O)

  3. Hello man, I love your conversions - the dynamic poses most of all. Could you provide us with more photos of the Badab War Hero, please? I mean, from different angles for example. Thank you so much