Thursday, 16 February 2012

Serpent Guard Update - 16/02/2012

Hi guys,

I'm sad to say there hasn't been much painting going on lately  :O(  I have though been busy on other projects  :O)

After struggling to find a cheap plastic demon prince kit on the net yesterday (don't ask), I decided in a moment of insanity (probably due to lack of paint in my system) to throw one of my metal princes into a vat of Fairy power spray. An hour later I went at it with an old tooth brush then proceeded to chop chop chop until there was only a pile of bitz before me.

Two hours later with the help of a heap of paper clips, a small amount of green stuff and a set of Balrog wings (which I had lying about from a previous failed experiment) I had something resembling that what was in my mind:

There is still heaps to do on this guy but for a couple of hours work I'm happy with his progress.

More to come,


1 comment:

  1. I think he looks great, you should definitely keep him hornless. It looks far more menacing i think.