Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Serpent Guard update - 28/02/2012

Hi guys,

I managed to do a little more work over the weekend on my freshly modified Daemon Prince. I decided to drop using green stuff for a while and moved to using Milliput and what an eye opener it has been :D

Here are some photos of the Daemon Prince as of Saturday:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 593 x 1024)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 699 x 997)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 689 x 987)Image

I've done some more work on him since then as well as beginning work on my Badab War hero and greater Daemon. I'm cleaning up my Serpent Guard in preperation for the 'Badab War - Part 2' tournament being held at Warhammer World on the 26th & 27th May. Is anyone else going to this event? I'd love to hear some thoughts on the event if you are? Especially regarding the rules pack and the potential use of Imperial Armour models :D

More to come,


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