Sunday, 17 June 2012

Greater Brass Scorpion Base - Preparing the pieces

Hi guys,
Here's a catch up to document the progress of the creation of my brass scorpions apocalypse sized base.

After designing on paper what I wanted to create and cutting out the base materials I began chopping the blue foam into the segments I will require.
Here are the pieces arranged:

The steps were cut from cork sheet to make life a little easier.
Next the top surface was cut from styrene tread plate sheeting. I also cast a set of piping and end pieces.

Next I used varying thicknesses of plasticard to cover the exposed blue foam and cut out the 'Serpent Guard' iconography for the pipes to feed into.

The next few photos illustrates the scorpion mounted upon its base.

More to come,



  1. Freakyfredreaky19 June 2012 at 09:18

    Lookin sweet m8 cant wait 2 see it finished GD entry?

  2. Cheers buddy, as for a Golden Demon entry I still haven't got the courage to enter :O( I have had a number of thoughts to do so though. I still have a little time to come up with something I guess :O)

  3. My macharius vanquisher is looking forward to destroying this beautiful monstrosity...

    By the time we get round to our big game I'm sure they will both be ready to roll!

  4. hahahaha! I look forward to peeling the ceremite sheeting off your Macharius, layer by layer :O) I put my pre-order in for a copy of 6th yesterday........along with a purchase of a certain Forgeworld thirsty demon with a taste for BLOOD!