Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Warmarch: Super heavy preparation - Greater Brass Scorpion

Hi guys,

After purchasing my ticket to Warmarch in August I decided it was time to begin looking at which super heavy in my collection needed some T.L.C. I decided to go with the Greater Brass Scorpion as it is such an amazing model and fits the theme of my army a little more than the Nurgle plague reaper. The problem is it is lacking a much needed base to support it, and having literally melted three or four times whilst it was stored in my conservatory I need to create a base that will not only match the theme of my Serpent Guard but also prevent any further melting issues.

Here is the first photo of the development of that base:

A small plate was selected as a suitable guide size for the new base.

Next I'll sketch out on paper how I envisage the base will look. With this base being so large I think I can really go to town on this design.

More to come,


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