Monday, 4 June 2012

War is coming!!! Warmarch awaits :O)

That's right people, I just bought my ticket for the Warmarch campaign weekend being held at Warhammer World on the 18th & 19th of August. After the amazing weekend I had a fortnight ago at the Badab War Part 2 campaign weekend I was chomping at the bit to go to a similar event. It's a similar style event to the fore mentioned in that you can field Forgeworld miniatures as long as they have the "40K approved" stamp in their respective books. And you know what that means, expect to see contemptor dreadnoughts galor  :O)   Another interesting spin is that you can field one 'super heavy' detachment as long as you can fit it within the 1750 points and still keep your army legal (i.e. one HQ and 2 troop choices). Hopefully that won't mean I'll be seeing dozens of Warhound titans but it is a distinct possibility! 

I'm looking forward to seeing some epic armies at this tournament and it is always great fun to see some big toys on the table, even if they are impossible to kill!!! 

As for what I intend on fielding, I do have a number of super heavies at my disposal including my super effective 'plague reaper'.

With its strength 7, AP3 hellstorm template offering no cover saves for anyone unlucky enough to be beneath its mighty yield. And with the added bonus that if you feel brave enough to take it on in close combat you are faced with 3D6 strength 3 nurgling attacks at initiative 3 which have been known in the past to kill entire terminator squads and even a Trygon!!  Add this to the standard lascannons, heavy bolters galor and demolisher cannon the 'plague reaper' adds some well needed firepower to my Chaos army which specialises in close combat fighting.  

Alternatively I have my 'greater brass scorpion:

This bad ass comes fitted with a multitude of weapons including two strength 6 AP3 flamers, a demolisher cannon and the scorpion cannon which fires at strength 6 AP3 assault 10! Being a walker this guy moves 12" and assaults 12" and with seven attacks on the charge he could be a solution to tackling some of those titans I fear so much?

Alternatively I could always crack open the savings vault and splash out on a new toy? Forgeworld offer many tempting toys for the chaos space marine player these days and as my entire army is protected by the mighty Tzeentch how fitting / amazing would it be to see this guy suddenly be summoned out of one the lowly champions which has just charged into the heart of your army!  :O)

It's a few months off yet and between now and then I have a birthday, the release of 6th edition and possibly if the rumours are to be believed a new codex for the Chaos Space Marines  :O)

More to come,



  1. It is very tempting! We're I to go I would be taking a macharius vanquished to lead the line, that and hopefully a load more infantry. I think I might be free that weekend...
    Go for the scorpion it looks immense!

  2. Wicked buddy! It'll be good to see ya and maybe I'll get to play you this time? I just researched the Macharius Vanquisher, very tasty, S8 AP3 7" blast or a S8 2D6 AP shot to the face, very tasty indeed :O) Drop me a line if you are going and we should get our blog on :O)