Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Obliterator W.I.P. update

Here are some photos of the Obliterators as of last thing yesterday (sorry for the light quality):
I'm really pleased with how the claws came out. I personally feel it compliments the intense pose the hand is orientated in.
 I definitely need to thicken the calf armour of his left leg to match the left.  
 I'll add armour plating to the foot made from think slices of plastic-card to resemble the original miniature.
I want to keep the necrotic feel to the flesh of the arms as this is where the weapons are extruding from. I will blend the plasma cannon into the flesh with green stuff and add guitar wire for detail.
Next I'll add banding to the armour plates with green stuff and plastic-card.

More to come.


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