Tuesday, 4 January 2011

So, what do I have planned for 2011 I hear you all cry in unison

I am very proud to announce that 2011 marks my venture into the creation of a Chaos Space Marine successor chapter. The following was a paint scheme test I undertook over the xmas hols.

The next job is to come up with a name and a logo. It is my intention that this chapter will be a successor to the 'Word Bearers' and the emblem that represents my chapter will be of the serpent and of the fist holding an eye.

More to come soon I promise.




  1. Love to red, it looks great! Mind if I ask how you did it? I'm working on a WB force and I haven't really decided how to do the red so I've been trying to gather as much recipes as possible.

  2. Hi Rich, thanks for the comment. It's no problem letting you know how I painted the red of this mini:

    1.) Base coat of Chaos Black.

    2.) Undercoat Mechrite Red (foundation paint).

    3.) Washed all over with Baal Red.

    4.) Shadows applied with built up layers of highly watered down Chaos Black mixed with Dark Flesh (20/80).

    5.) Highlighs applied with Blood Red.

    I hope this of some help Rich?