Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sketches of iconography for Word Bearer successor chapter

The following sketches documents how I came to decide upon my successor chapters banner / icon.

Here is my interpretation of the 'Word Bearer' logo (ignoring the Blood Angel sketch of course):

Here is the evolved version of the first draft before I decided to create my own successor chapter:

Once I had decided to go down the path of creating my own successor chapter I had to decide upon a theme. I chose to go with the theme of serpents to compliment the history behind the Word Bearers and the 'Serpent Lodge of Davin'. I had wanted to use the ouroboros (the snake eating itself) as the symbol but a little research showed that this was once used by the 'Thousand Sons' chapter. I therefore went for the following:

Next I wanted to evolve the snake theme and looked into the history of the 'Word Bearers'. I found the following website invaluable Here I read that previous iconography of the 'Word Bearers' included an open hand with an eye in the palm. After looking for inspiration I stumbled upon the Warhammer online gallery and was instantly inspired by some of the Dark Elve artwork after which I sketched the following:

Next it was a simple case of replacing the heart with an eye and incorporating the serpent with the fist:

So, I hope you were mildly interested in this progress? Next step is to choose the colour scheme and decide upon a name for this chapter.

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  1. What colour scheme and name are you going with?