Thursday, 13 January 2011

Caught in the act….bad Jess…..bad Jess…..

Coming home last night I was confronted with a sight that all hobbyists never want to witness (see below):

Yup, there it is…….two weeks of painting for my next eBay auction……spread across the living room floor………aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!! Now I wonder who could be to blame for this? (See below):

That’s right, mans best friend was not a friend to me yesterday I tell ya lol
Needless to say I lost an entire evening of painting and instead spent the time gluing back together the two squads of Khorne Bezerkers, a unit of Khorne close combat terminators, a Khornate lord in terminator armour and a conversion of Abaddon. All of which were very close to being finished ready to be uploaded to eBay.

Thankfully only minimal damages occurred and I hope to have these guys up for sale on eBay ready for when everyone gets paid in February?
I’ve learnt my lesson, “do not leave miniatures in paws reach” and have instead purchased some spherical entertainment for Jess so hopefully the temptation will not be there next time?

More posts to come. Thanks for reading,


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