Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More work in progress

Here is a snap shot of yet another project I've been working on over the last couple of days.
I've never been a fan of the existing Obliterator models so I took one of my spare Obliterator figures and ground it down to its basic shape. I then cut it apart at its limbs with a hacksaw and pinned it together. I plan on building the shape back up with green stuff and Milliput by thickening the calf cowling and adding armour trim details. 

I want the miniature to reflect the artwork illustrated in the previous edition of the Chaos Space Marine codex (see below) and not the hunched over necrotic version as presented in the existing miniature.
I would like to replicate the feel of 'firing fury' in the miniatures stance and facial expression. I intend for the next miniature in the unit to be in a blood rage, ruthlessly tearing apart a loyal space marine terminator.

A comment I would make is that the plasma cannon arm is a little too long in my opinion so I'll cut it down and merge it into the flesh. I will then incorporate power weapon-Esq talons into the power fist hand similar to my 'Mark I' Obliterators which I sculpted a few years ago (see below).
More to come,



  1. I clearly don't check back here often enough. >.<; I really need to get some green and brown stuff and spend a while playing with it so that should the need arise I have half an idea what I'm doing with it. But then I'd also need sculpting tools and whatnot.
    I would agree that section of arm is too long. The gun size is fine imho but the arm needs to be shortened.

  2. lol thanks for checking back though :O) It is my new years resolution to try and create a blog entry every day, no matter how small it may be? I did some work on the arm last night and I'll post some photos at lunchtime today. Thanks for following.