Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Let the obsession commence

Ok, so I had my first game of 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy battle last week whilst attending my weekly games night and ever since it's all I can think about (besides my successor chapter of course).
After blowing the dust off my Ogre Kingdom army and demolishing my opponent I've officially been stung by the WHFB bug.
Upon returning home later that evening, floating on a high of battlefield victory, the cheap fried chicken and highly caffeinated cola products still coursing through my veins inducing a temporary euphoria, I began to ponder, what miniatures lurk within the dark depths of my hobby room? What project could I undertake to run in parallel to my successor chapter as well as my eBay projects? My 'Ogre Kingdom' army was painted many, many years ago, I do not relish the idea of repainting it so it had to be something else, something new, something shiny..........hmmmmmm........enter my 'Warriors of Chaos' army!

Many moons ago I was lucky enough to purchase on eBay two 'Warriors of Chaos' battalions as well as a limited edition Archaon on foot for a very, very low price in my opinion. Ever since it has been sat beneath my xbox, patiently waiting for its time to shine. Now is that time my friends for it has been promoted! No longer will it sit beneath the warming bosom of Microsoft’s whirling pleasure maker, for now it sits proudly upon my hobby table in full view of the couch of slothenly pursuits, for this is where I undertake all my painting successes and failures. Patiently it awaits, what wicked delights will I conjure via the swift slice of the hobby knife and the apprehensive application of plasticard or green stuff?

Expect to see not only Warhammer 40K Blog posts from now on but also Fantasy Battle ones too.

Thanks for reading,



  1. To some extent I understand this. The online shop I do my shopping at just started stocking stuff from Heavy Gear Blitz/Arena. I remember getting into the pen and paper RPG it's based on and now *have to* get myself a few models of mechs I used to play. It's not WHFB but it's similar. ;p

  2. Based on your 40k stuff I'm excited to see what you do for with a WoC army, no doubt it will be stunning. I'm just now getting back into Fantasy as well after a long time away from the game and am happy to be starting a new army. Fun times!

  3. Thanks for the posts guys. I'm looking forward to modelling some rank and file units for a change. I have an old metal wood elve dragon lying around which I hope to convert into something of a centre piece for my WOC army. I'm also looking for inspiration as to what to include on my movement trays to make them a little more intereting to look at.