Monday, 24 January 2011

What I've been working on over the weekend

So what have I been working on this weekend?  Not allot sadly I must admit!  3am + Tequila slammers + rock band + sing star =  not allot happening the following day.  I did however begin a new side project. In a moment of insanity I thought to myself "what about sculpting my own miniatures and casting them in resin"? With the hang over in tow, blocking all powers of sensibility I once possessed, off to eBay I went and I am now the owner of all I need to make castings of anything I create. 

Inspired by my latest purchase I began to play around with some Milliput I had lying around and fashioned the following:
Humble beginnings maybe? Potential work of awesomeness or diabolical failure?
Could this be the start of my next batch of Chaos Space Marine Obliterators? Or is this just another failed project of mine, relegated to the shed of broken dreams?

I also began working on my Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord to act as the general to my army.

I had an out of production miniature in my bitz box which seemed to fit the role perfectly. I crafted the disc from two flying bases and some plasticard. Next I'll need to add some detail with green stuff and design a scenic base for it to be mounted upon.

One last project I managed to cram into my Ibuprofen haze this weekend was to begin work on my second Daemon Prince conversion for my successor chapter. It's not much to look at but you can see most of the individual pieces which go to make it up compared to the completed staff I completed earlier.

More to come soon.


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